Location: Walpole-Nornalup National Park, Western Australia
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Its base has been hollowed by fire and it is claimed to have the largest girth of any living eucalypt.

In South West Region of Western Australia is grow some of the largest eucalyptus trees that currently exist. Because of the year-round rainfall, the trees here in the Valley of the Giants can grow up to 70 meters.

Any eucalyptus originally grows in Indonesia and Australia only. Therefore, most of the 600 eucalyptus species had to adopt a special stratigy against the naturally occurring bush fires.

The Tingle tree or "Red Tingle" (called because of its light gray-brown to red-brown bark) simply survives with its massive size. So the inside of the tree trunk burns out, but the upper part where the leaves hang and an edge of bark that ensures the supply are preserved. Of course some trees are not so lucky but it is enough for the eucalyptus jacksonii species to exist. In this video you can find some examples of the trees and of course the biggest of all, the Giant Tingle Tree.

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