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A travel plan is the best way to organize a trip. It is important that all services appear in this plan.




The ONE digital travel plan


Many travel agencies, travel providers, service providers or even bookers still use various portals and systems to book services for a trip in order to be able to use better conditions and price advantages at first glance.

The offers of the providers are mostly about avoiding work / operating processes causing disadvantages to the traveler in later trips.

This ONE digitial travel plan will neutralize the alleged advantages - if not turn it into the opposite.


The Benefits!

Less bureaucracy = less searching

A single travel plan per trip is the first step in avoiding different booking numbers. This will make the trip a lot easier if you only have to "check in" with ONE booking number, ID card or passport.

(Even for bookings that were / could not be booked via the travel plan provider's software, there is usually the option of storing the personal record number (PNR) in the provider's other systems and linking the passport or identity card to this.)


No more paper =

Lighter bags: Intelligent and networked software nowadays does not only help you to avoid carrying paper documents with you. You can easily store your documents on your smartphone via the app and automatically transfer the course of the trip to your calendar on your smartphone.

Up-to-date information: More and more service providers are linking their offers with the providers of the travel plan software, so travelers and bookers always receive the most important up-to-date information.

Always flexible: travel plans can change quickly! It is very important to be able to react quickly during your trip. For example, digital travel plans (apps) are increasingly linked to additional functions such as checking in - just by the touch of a button (for convenience) but also spontaneously booking services on site (e.g. transfers, parking, activities, lounges or a car).

If the trip is organized / booked / changed in ONE travel plan, there is also the advantage of travel expense accounting and the traceability for complaints and evaluations.


for travelers:

Download the checkmytrip app onto your smartphone which is available from the Apple Store and the Google Store.

Please note the following:

  • If you receive offers from your travel agency, inform them beforehand that they should also send you your offer directly to checkmytrip. (For tipps for travel agencies see tipps for travel agencies.)

  • If you have already received a booking confirmation number, use the Personal Record Number (PNR: 6 continuous digits, consist of digits and numbers). Enter this in the app at + and then at add reservation number. 

- If this does not work, you can simply send the booking to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. They will then enter the booking for you.
- Or you enter the booking manually again with the + (plus) but this time doing a manual search (you can always do this very easily on your laptop via your account on the website
  • It is important that you always enter all bookings and changes or activities on checkmytrip. So that you never lose track and can use the convenient solutions of the app. This intelligent program always informs you quickly about possibilities that simplify and improve your trip.
  • Use the additional functions of the app when you are on the move. They make traveling a lot easier.
  • For bookings on the trip, I generally recommend that you have a credit card with you. It can be stored very securely in mobile phones and then it can be used quickly when required. If you want to pay in foreign currencies on your trip, I recommend Wise, one of the cheapest providers that charges you little conversion fees.
Another tip for a lot of travelers

Ask your trusted agency about the checkmytrip premium option. As described in the above part the premium option works even better, adapting to the needs of a lot of travelers.

For travel agencies


Use Amadeus Offers to send the customer his or her offer. Enter all points of the trip (even non-Amadeus content can and should be included in the offer). Please stick to a PNR if possible so that the customer only has one booking number for a trip. Work with the status in Amadeus to keep the customer up to date. Send the offer to the customer's e-mail address (which is registered at checkmytrip as well). Using Amadeus Offers means a small surcharge, which de facto represents a calculable gain for your company due to the added value of time savings, functionality and automation.


Include all items of the trip in the travel plan, even if they are non-Amadeus content, and update the status of all of them if these change. If you have previously used Amadeus Offers, the offer will automatically be transferred to a travel plan that you can edit. If possible, please stick to a PNR so that the customer only needs one booking number for his or her trip.

Changes and cancellations as well as new bookings in the same trip:

Always stick to the same PNR. If there are additional bookings - for the same trip - send the customer a message with the price and content and then book this offer in the PNR. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

Kind regards

Patrick Hannak

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