Photo by Lukas from Pexels
Photo by Lukas from Pexels

Every company has their own way how it works. Each tourism company has its own, too. To find how your business is connecting with this industry that is what evaluation is all about by travel management to improve expenses and quality.


Improve expenses & quality

Your main objective is to lower the costs obviously and to us key numbers when you are a CFO you will like very much.

Well there is one thing you can’t put in numbers and that is the success of the business trip itself. If this does not happen every cost saved is no longer a saving.

Synoptical how is the main reason for the success of the mission it is the business traveler himself.
Otherwise you would clear it up with a phone call, an email, or video conference in the first place.

So the challenge for the travel management is to keep the traveler in the center of the whole story and the costs for that as low as possible, balance it.

Neversless there is a way to do that and the first thing you need is wondering it it's dates.


Data acquisition

Do you have travel data? I mean really substantial data, not just the travel expense report, it need much more than that.

Collect all the data that are available for you, from really all areas of travel and put them together in one statistic.

Let it just go for a while and than make with this data your self an overview:

  1. How this company travel?
  2. What does the company need to achieve its goals of their business trips.
  3. Talk to travelers about what is important to them to complete a successful journey.

On the end your goal shouldn't be to change the whole way of traveling but to improve their way in to found connected data with the travel industry.


Find connected Data

Fink about a pocket watch that you want to put back together again so that there is as little variation to real time as possible. Putting the right gears together which are plentiful is main key hier.

The same now applies to the data to be evaluated. You will find patterns in the statistics that are the gears that you then only have to attach to the correct patterns of the tourism industry.

These connections help you to optimizations a travel policy, to find the best travel providers as well as costs, quality and what is becoming more and more essential in our time the substantial footprint.


How do I get the data that I need?

It is best if one booking platform is used for all flights, hotels, trains and transfers. In addition, you should also be able to attend conferences & events, meetings, incentive and long stays. Ideally, what takes into account the needs of the own company and its individual employees.

If different tools are used for this, at least all of them should use one tool for one category. The data can then be put together in a separate excel table.

In order to find the right provider of such solutions, a technical evaluation is necessary, which can be different for every company and by every travel manager. 

In this case, it is therefore highly advisable to contact one of then.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

Kind regards

Patrick Hannak

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